Friday, March 6, 2009

DHCP Custom Scope Options

Ever came across a situation where your boss, or customer says i want to configure my Windows 2003 Server as a DHCP server that servers my IPLC (IP Phones).

Hmmmm!! Well this should be easy you think. Well honestly it is but only if you know where to look and what to configure.

Here is a heads up!!
  • Open DHCP Manager (dhcpmgmt.msc)
  • Right-Click the DHCP Server and select Pre-Defined Options
  • Click Add.

  • Set Name to IP Phone Boot Server (actually whatever you want to name it, its fine)
  • Set Data Type to String
  • Set Code to 156
  • Add a Description, if you want to.
  • Navigate to the Scope Options and add Option 156

  • Each Option should be entered with a comma as a separating character.

The following is just a example of how you should normally setup your Scope:

  • Management server -
  • Country - INDIA
  • Language - English
  • VLAN Tagging – Turned Off
  • VLAN ID – 127
Ex: ftpserver=,country=91,language=1,layer2tagging=n,vlanid=127

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